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Question   Family <3
Thank you Wayne for capturing our family and showing the love we have for each other, as well as the fun we have together!

- Paula Baxter October 31, 2012

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Question   Fantastic
Patiently waiting to see these photographs. This is where that photographers eye really shows itself. What a trip! I'm jealous you know.

-  February 12, 2009

  Answer none

- Rob Miller  May 24, 2010

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Question   Galleries
Hi Wayne,

National Geographic could use someone like you; next career?

The pictures are really great and fun to look through. Makes me feel like I'm there.

Can't wait to see the pics from Thailand!

- Nancy Januzelli February 02, 2009

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Question   Photo Display
Hello Wayne;

I did visit your site and the photos are amazing, specially the underwater ones.

Great Job!!! Hope to maybe see some of the pictures taken at the hotel in your site.

Warm Regards

-  March 19, 2008

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